The Qwerty Origin

pacific mall

The story of how we got into the cable business is actually quite a simple one and it all dates back to a conversation I had with my aunt a few months back.

On one mundane Sunday morning, I was voluntold to chauffeur my aunt around, eating lunch, picking up groceries, and so on, you know, the usual. Our car rides are usually filled with her mumbling incoherently about whatever her topic of the day is while I focus on the road, at least it always seemed that way anyway. However, this time she caught my techie self's attention when she asked about cables, more specifically, why her friend's iPhone cables always stopped working after only a few months of use. While this was only remotely related to tech, it intrigued me enough to ask her probing questions about these iPhone cables that her friend had been purchasing.

Now, before I get into sharing a snippet of our dialog, I'd like to preface it with I've always been the kind of guy that thought a cable is a cable, it makes no difference what brand the cable is or where it comes from. Without further adieu, the dialog:

Me: What kind of cable did she buy? 

Her: A charging cable.

Me: Yes, but what kind?

Her: A charging cable, you know, the one that fits into my phone.

Me: Where did she get it?

Her: Does it matter? She gets it from all over the place, Pacific Mall maybe?

Me: Hmm... Not sure. Are they Apple branded?

Her: I'm not sure, maybe? They fit.

Me: Are they white? And say "Designed by Apple" on them?

Her: I really don't know, I'll ask.

Later that night when I got home, I decided to do some research. What my findings told me is that my aunt's friend probably had purchased a 1AMP rated cable and using it with a 2AMP Charger.

As it turns out, your phone decides how much power to draw depending on how much your phone can handle and your charger can output, with no regard to the cable's rating. This means if you have a 2AMP charger, and a phone that's drawing 2AMPs, all the power will be forced into the small tunnel that is the 1AMP cable causing its eventual burnout. This can mean the cable will cease to work, burn out your phone, or even start a fire!

The following are two pictures of cables. The cables look the same, but one has half the throughput. Can you tell which one's which?



But I've digressed, we will have another blog post dedicated to this later. To continue on with our little story of why we decided to started QwertyWire, I have to first introduce my good friend Joe Pym. Joe, like myself, is an entrepreneur at heart. After the minorly interesting discussion with my aunt and my bit of research online, I decided to approached Joe with the idea of making people's lives better.

I told him about how thousands if not millions of people are purchasing the wrong type of cable because like me, they have this idea in their heads that as long as it fits, it works. I explained to him that a lot of people who sell charging cables have no idea what amperage their cables are rated and because of this, a lot of them burn out. After some convincing, much more research, and fancy mathematics, we decided to go into business together. Finally I have a partner to bring ease and simplicity to the cable buying process while maintaining a reasonable price for the greater good. While this isn't exactly saving puppies from a burning building heroism, we sure are preventing them. We take pride making people's lives safer and easier. So take the confusion out of buying a cable that may or may not work from an unknown source and get your Qwerty Certified today!